DOUG CARN Trio "Black History Month" Presented by DwighTrible @ STAGE ~

 " 'BEST South L.A.' 'Jazz Club' & 'BEST Jazz Jam Session' " - LAWeekly 

Doug Carn, Trio Leader, composer, lyricist, multi-instrumentalist; keyboard, reeds & voice - organ 

"I'm basically an organ player. My forte is organ." - GC

"most successful of any Black Jazz (Records) artist." -  Wikipedia

"Though a versatile musician and expressive pianist, Carn attained more notoriety in 70s for writing lyrics to classic (J)azz anthems." - Ron Wynn, ALLMUSIC


Western Sunrise - Doug Carn My Spirit


Personnel:  Trio -

Dr. Teodross Avery Ph.D. - saxophones

Marvin "Smitty" Smith - drums


Presented by Dwight Trible, Executive Director, The 'new' World Stage Art, Education & Performance Gallery non-profit 501(c)(3)

+ w/ JW Master of Ceremonies - Jeffrey Winston, Jazz philanthropic-herstorian or "The Big Bass Voice" Matt Gibson @ no extra charge ¿TBD/A? 


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4321 Degnan Blvd. · Los Angeles' Leimert Park Village 90008 · (323) 293-2451 (entrance & parking in rear)
All Ages Welcome Out/Side bar (only, not In/Side) | hot prepared food dishes by O/S vendor Chef Kalih (under tarp & I/S ok) 


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Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on February 11, 2019 at 7:44am

(as per) Live On-Air (mention) by 2nd Mon. of the month Host, Ollie Bivins, (semi-retired) Co-Editor & writer, allaboutJazz/LA, later renamed Jazz messenger.

Image result for ollie bivins (2:25) "After the Jazz news segment, i will be playin' somethin' special. It's a brief interview w/ some1 special who will be @ the WS, this Fri., nite. He very rarely appears in SoCal.. The interview was conducted by Mark Maxwell, the regular host of RISE. So, b sure 2 check that out."

(31:37) "interview that Mark Maxwell, the regular of of RISE did w/ composer, pianist (organist) & vocalist, Doug Carn." - "O"
Image may contain: 2 people (35:34  ) Interview Preview Intro.: "Thank U Ollie, i'm jus' gon'na take a few minutes, because something really special is happen this wk.. & i want 2 make sure folks know about it. I'm gon'na cut rite 2 the chase, Doug Carn, is gon'na b in town & he's going b performin' @ The World Stage. That's rite the legendary organist, pianist, composer, lyricist, vocalist, educator, innovator, Doug Carn. Who recorded all those wonderful albums, 4 of them, 4 the Black Jazz Label in the early 70's. If U've listened 2 RISE 4 any amount of time, U've heard me play them, they're always in regular rotation, because these albums had a really profound effect on many people, me 4 sure. So anyway, in anticipation of this performance, i actually had the great honor of speakin' w/ Doug Carn, over the telephone. Mr. Carn was very generous w/ his time, it actually turned-out 2b quite a lengthy conversation. which will play, more or less in full, soon. But rite now, i jus' want2play a lit'l excerpt 4 U. So here's jus' a excerpt w/ the great Doug Carn." (Interview @ 36:48) "i fully intend on b'n there" - /\/\/\/\
(2:56 :07) "& jus' a'headz-up again, come'n-up Fri., Feb. 15th, vocalist, composer & organist, Doug Carn w/ b in town, & he'll b playin' w/ Dr. Teodross Avery - sax & Dr. Marvin "Smitty" Smity - drums. & they'll b @ The World Stage in Leimert Park" - "O" aka Ollie Bivins

 Live Sun.-nite, 12am midnight until Mon. 3am - FM radio or Internet @ 

A weekly creative (J)azz celebration of African roots, social consciousness & spiritual transcendence.
 Public Radio - Online Archives  Monday, February 11, 2019 12:00 am  (available 4 a couple of wks)

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SOJ Quintet "Celebrates Hard Bop" DwighTrible Presents @ The World STAGE at The 'new' World STAGE "BEST South L.A. Jazz Club" - LAWeekly

July 7, 2018 from 9pm to 11:30pm
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