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Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on October 9, 2020 at 6:45pm

We Can't Afford A Weak Stimulus Plan:

The momentum is shifting.
The American people have come to understand the good that a universal basic income can do for all of us in this pandemic.
Humanity Forward supports a stimulus plan which would provide $1200 per month to every American adult for six months.
There are many plans circulating Washington that would be good for Americans, but a six month package would provide the short term relief we need while also demonstrating our case for a permanent UBI.
The window to achieve this plan is narrowing.
Piecemeal measures that are being discussed right now in D.C. are better than nothing, but they fail to secure most struggling families for longer than a month.
We can't afford a weak plan this time.
I'm forever grateful for your support.
Ever forward,
-Andrew Yang
Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on October 8, 2020 at 5:03pm

Join HF As We Sprint To The Election!

The last stretch of election season is upon us! After today, there are only 25 days until Election Day.
All across the nation, early voting sites & mail-in ballots are kicking into high gear, and our endorsed candidates are making their final pitches to voters as they Get Out The Vote.
Here's some of what we'll be doing in the next few weeks to help them achieve victory in November:


All-Hands Webinar: This Thursday 10/08 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT, join the Humanity Forward team & supporters of Basic Income to hear the strategy for the final 25 days of the election & how YOU can make an impact! Sign up TODAY by clicking here!


Volunteer Openings: If you’re interested in helping us organize & build, we’re recruiting for our Humanity CALLS & Humanity WRITES volunteer teams. Apply TODAY at this link!


Do you have 5 minutes to spare? Help us get to know you better by filling out our Humanity Forward survey! We have more ways to get involved than ever before, & we want to get you connected w/ the opportunity that’s the best fit for you!


Connect! Want to stay connected & join some of the exciting projects we’re rolling out? Join us at the Humanity Forward Rapid Response Slack workspace!


It's time to get UBI candidates in office. It's time to Sprint to the Election!

Organizing Director, Humanity Forward

Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on October 7, 2020 at 1:28pm

How does a peaceful transition of power take place after a presidential election?


I'm joined tomorrow by Julian Ha, partner w/ executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles, to discuss that in a Fireside Chat moderated by Zach Graumann.


Julian has been involved in an effort to promote AAPIs for senior Biden Administration positions -- we'll discuss the importance of the process, as well as what that could mean for our movement after helping to elect Joe Biden to the White House.


I want you to join us tomorrow night! We aren't looking past the election just yet, but it's never too early to start thinking about how we can best serve the American people.


Fireside Chat on Presidential Transition

W/ Andrew Yang & Julian Ha

Thursday, October 8

4pm PDT / 7pm EST

Click here to register!


Your contribution to join tomorrow's event will be used to help get out the vote in this year's swing states in order to make the transition of power we're discussing possible!

See you soon,
Andrew Yang
Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on October 1, 2020 at 5:43pm

Let's Talk About The Debate: ...from Tuesday night.

In a year marred by social distress, economic collapse & the deadliest pandemic in living memory, Americans expected to turn on their TVs & see a substantive debate about how to lead our nation through this moment of darkness.

That didn’t happen.
Instead, we watched the president do all that he could to interrupt, obfuscate, sow hatred & spread dangerous misinformation. Hate groups cheered while the rest of us sighed in disgust.
Most of us believe this is the worst chapter for America in our lifetimes already, & there was only one person on the debate stage who was reaching through the fray to speak to Americans directly.
We’ve got to do all we can to restore our national conversation to be one of civility & problem solving. It’s clear that the only way for us to do that right now starts w/ winning in November w/ Joe & our Humanity Forward candidates.
I’m not going to ask you for money... . 
Every day, the contributions you make to this movement bring me hope that we can do what is necessary to recover from this calamitous year. For that, you deserve my thanks many times over.
I also want to let you know what is to come. We’re about to undergo some of the most tumultuous weeks of this year - even w/ what we’ve had to endure so far in 2020.
We have 33 days left before Election Day. We have longer than that before we know the winners, & beyond that we’ve still got to take on the fundamental challenges our country is facing.
We are going to ask if you can do more in the coming weeks. I hope you understand that it’s not because we take your support for granted, or that what you’ve done isn’t already appreciated.
You can also expect to hear from me over the coming weeks in emails that don’t ask you for anything -- except to stay engaged and remember why we’re fighting. I want you to know that while fundraising is important to achieve our goals, this mission of ours is so much bigger.
The consequences of the next few months will echo for years, & until we can have debates that don't distract from what the American people need in times of crisis, we are going to do everything we can.


Thank you for being on this journey w/ us. We couldn’t be where we are w/o you.
Yours truly,
-Andrew Yang

Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on September 27, 2020 at 9:46pm
Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on September 22, 2020 at 8:56pm

Andrew Yang says defeating Trump could be 'the major political awak... - Inyoung Choi, Business InsiderAsian Americans against Trump

Top: Jane Kim, San Francisco Board of Supervisor & Min Jin Lee, Author of Pachinko; Bottom: Andrew Yang, former Democratic Presidential candidate & Daniel Dae Kim, actor & producer - Screenshot of virtual event

Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on September 21, 2020 at 1:56pm
Friday night, our nation lost a hero in Justice Ginsburg.
Justice Ginsburg was an icon & a trailblazer not just for women in the legal profession, but for all of us. For decades, she fought to expand fundamental human rights to all Americans. She dedicated her life to making an impact - & inspired countless others to do the same.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a remarkable leader; one who changed this country for the better in so many ways.
It’s a tragedy that, now, when we should be mourning & celebrating her life & work, our attention must turn to the very real possibility of the Senate rushing through a Trump appointee before the election. It’s unbearably tragic that this incredible woman, on her deathbed, feIt the need to comment on the presidency.
All we can do is hope she felt peace, respect her last wish, & do what she showed us how to do all those years: fight.
This is a broken system. We alone can fix it.
Voting is already underway, & it’s time to let the people decide who should appoint the next justice. A rushed confirmation process - especially one designed to have a new justice in place to rule on election results - would only further undermine the faith the American people have in the Supreme Court & in Congress itself.
We need to overhaul our system to restore that faith, to use term limits to bring predictability & rationality to the appointment of new justices. But right now, we need to let the people decide, & we need to make sure that people turn out to vote to do just that.
Make sure you're registered to vote. Request a mail-in ballot. Show up to the polls. Make a plan.
So much of what Justice Ginsburg fought for her entire career is on the ballot this fall. Let us be inspired by the arc of her life & her career as we carry on the fight to defend our human rights. 
Take that sadness, & translate it into action. 
- Andrew
Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on September 20, 2020 at 6:19am
Congress works for you. But it looks like they’ve forgotten that.
A tweet from @AndrewYang reads “Political posturing doesn’t help - get to the table and hammer out a real relief bill that should have been passed months ago. People are hurting and deserve better.” Yang’s tweet is in response to an AP report that no coronavirus relief deal is likely before the November election.
Source: Twitter 
I tweeted that last week after I saw the news that Congress has again allowed politics to obstruct progress. This makes me furious.
Lucky for us, November 3rd marks Congress’s next performance evaluation. We’ll have a chance to let them know exactly our thoughts on their “achievements” so far. But 1st, I think it’s only fair we give our direct reports one more shot - will you make sure to define the expectations clearly for them? Tell our public servants exactly what you want to see:

Do you demand a relief deal from your representatives?

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Andrew Yang
Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on September 7, 2020 at 12:54pm

Living Up to the Legacy of Labor:


I hope you’re well & enjoying the long weekend. I think it’s important that we all celebrate Labor Day today - not just as a day to spend w/ friends & family, but to also recognize the importance of the American labor movement.

Many of the rights we now enjoy universally were earned w/ the sacrifices made by American workers.
The movement led by these workers, who organized for the fair recognition of their humanity & the worth of their labor, faced formidable opponents who saw them only as cogs in a machine.
They picketed & made their voices heard. Some gave blood for the cause of human dignity. & now, we are better as a country because of them.
That, if anything, is worth a day of thanks & recognition.
President Kennedy once said that the American labor movement has consistently demonstrated its devotion to the public interest, & that it is, & has been, good for all Americans.
He was right. Those words continue to ring true.
We are standing on the shoulders of giants who helped build this country, & it is our obligation to them that we continue to work towards an economy that puts our humanity 1st.
Today, union participation is at an all-time low. Union rights are frequently under siege.
At the same time, we are experiencing a time of unprecedented income inequality. It has put families in impossible situations when an unexpected bill arrives. In this pandemic, conditions have only turned for the worst.
The rise of automation is devastating the ranks of our workforce, leaving many w/ cut hours or no paycheck @ all during a time of uncertainty. Many who lose their jobs to robots, software & AI don’t know where they will go next.
Nobody should have to resign themselves to feeling left behind when technology replaces their job.
Nobody who works full time should have to decide between rationing medication & keeping the power on @ home. 
Nobody should have to face these crises alone. It’s what compels workers to organize & create a better future.
We can do a lot better for our workers. One great place to start is by passing a Universal Basic Income. 
A UBI would help make us all stronger, healthier, less stressed out & better able to adapt & address the challenges of the 21st century economy.
It would give us all room to breathe - something many are desperate for right now.
& it would recognize the dignity & worth of all work. It would be a signal from our country that an “essential” worker is exactly that - essential.
Let’s live up to the legacy of the labor movement. Let’s continue to move forward.
Yours truly,
-Andrew Yang
Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on August 22, 2020 at 1:31pm

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