NYT: Andrew’s Signature Idea - Did you catch this headline from the New York Times about our campaign? 

I think it’s the most direct and effective thing we could do to improve the lives of tens of millions of Americans who are struggling right now, & anything I do in public life will be advancing the goal of eradicating poverty in our society.” - Andrew Yang

That’s right: We just launched our campaign last week & the field is struggling to find answers for Andrew’s progressive set of policies. 


We’re going to get relief for half a million of New York City’s most vulnerable in year one. And that’s just the beginning.


But to make our vision a reality & to eliminate poverty from our streets for good, we need the resources to drive this campaign to the finish line in 1st place. But we’re still $67,194 behind on our kickoff week fundraising goal. 


So, can you chip in now to become a Founding Donor of Andrew’s campaign? 

Onward. Together. 

Yang for NY


Andrew Yang Is Listening - The New York Times, editorial board


Andrew Yang Says Asian Americans Are 'Stepping Up' to Fight Coronav... - James Walker, Newswk

Andrew Yang faces backlash from the Asian American community over o... - Stacy Chen, ABC News

"see" Editor's Picks; "highly rec." -  O-!

FBI... hate crimes against A-A


Lisa Ling ...'deflectin' blame'... 'Chinese virus'


Andrew Yang T... 'symptom of a disease'


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Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on November 26, 2020 at 10:26am
Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on November 24, 2020 at 6:55am

Humanity Forward:  Volunteer Appreciation Day!

This week I am full of gratitude for health, family & hope as we head into the holiday season & finish out this very difficult year.
Humanity Forward has much to be grateful for in our volunteer & organizing community. We have a talented, skilled & passionate crew of dedicated individuals who have answered the call.
In true 2020 virtual style, Humanity Forward is celebrating our gratitude w/ Volunteer Appreciation Day tomorrow. 
Andrew Yang wants to thank all the outstanding volunteers that helped our movement over the last 6 months in supporting our amazing endorsed UBI candidates during the Sprint to the Election. 
Twelve Super Volunteers will be featured to acknowledge their above & beyond dedication & hard work & over 100 volunteers have been invited to the Gratitude Hang for recognition of their commitment & work.
We hope you can participate in Andrew’s “BIG Thank You” message & our introduction of our superstars in the UBI community.
Let’s start Thanksgiving early. 
In sincere gratitude,
Ericka McLeod
Organizing & Operations Director
Humanity Forward, a non-profit organization, founded by Andrew Yang to rewrite the rules of our society to work for us, the people!
Instagram: @humanity_forward
Join the Grassroots on FB: Move Humanity Forward Basecamp
Join us on the Volunteer Portal!
Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on November 19, 2020 at 2:19pm
If we ask you to stay home, we should send you money to do so.
It’s a simple idea that makes sense. It made sense in March when Congress passed the CARES Act, & it still made sense in the 8 months that followed w/ no relief from Washington at all.
So why was there only one round of checks? 
Did it fail to help people? Did it turn out to be an unpopular policy?
No. In fact, we know that mailing out checks to Americans is highly effective & very popular.
What happened was what always seems to happen in politics these days -- our leaders lost sight of the fact that they need to help people more than they need to “win” in the game of politics.
That is precisely why Humanity Forward has launched a campaign to lobby on behalf of the people’s interests.
We know we can pass monthly checks as a response to this pandemic because it’s a win-win -- a majority of Americans support it, & it solves big problems.
We need your help to be the voice of reason in Washington. We want to build major partnerships, develop key relationships w/ movers and shakers on Capitol Hill & apply targeted pressure before the next Congress starts so we can get a bill on the floor as soon as possible -- but the clock is already ticking. 
We’re laser focused on what matters. W/ your help, we can save millions from unthinkable poverty in the wealthiest country on earth.
Yours truly,
-Andrew Yang
Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on November 19, 2020 at 7:27am
Want to grab coffee with Andrew Yang? Now you can!

Until 4pm EST tomorrow, you've still got a chance to chip in $10 or more & be entered for a chance to join Andrew for coffee over Zoom! 

You won’t even have to leave the comfort of your home --  we’ll deliver piping hot coffee (or tea) right to your door.* 

Your donation will help fund Humanity Forward’s new bipartisan campaign to pass recurring cash relief for all Americans through Congress.


Chip in here today and keep an eye on your inbox! We’ll be choosing HF supporters who enter at random for a chance to join the boss virtually for a cup of joe.


Humanity Forward

Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on November 13, 2020 at 5:17am

Andrew Yang ‘surprised & disappointed’ that more Asian American... - Melody Hahm, W-Coast Correspondent, Yahoo!finance

Andrew Yang ‘surprised and disappointed’ that more Asian American voters didn’t renounce Trump

Andrew Yang joins YF - (screenshot/Yahoo Finance)

Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on October 30, 2020 at 5:52pm
CNN's Amara Walker describes three back-to-back racist encounters she experienced at New Orleans International Airport. - 
Amara Walker

Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on October 27, 2020 at 9:56am

Re: Vote For Who Can't This Yr. -

Image may contain: text that says 'HE'

This has not been a good year for most of us.
We’ve had to endure so much in 2020.
We have endured a pandemic that has taken away over 225,000 of our loved ones and fundamentally changed the way we live our lives.
We have endured an economic catastrophe that has thrown us hurtling into the deep end of uncertainty; where we’ve been forced to make unthinkable choices despite being the wealthiest nation on earth.
We have been forced to contend w/ systems of racial oppression designed to impose unequal justice upon black & brown Americans.
We’ve been forced to contend with vicious tribalism & hate that is fueled even further by foreign adversaries who wish to do us harm.
We’ve lost heroes, from first responders & medical professionals to titans of the civil rights movement &  champions of equal justice.
I want you to vote in the next seven days if you haven’t already.
Vote because of who can’t this year.
Vote for the chairs that will be empty at Thanksgiving dinner this year.
Vote for the people who are in food lines, for the people who have lost their homes, for the people who are forced to choose between their prescriptions & the electric bill, & for the people who know that choice will soon be waiting for them.
Vote for George Floyd, for Breonna Taylor, for Ahmaud Arbery & the countless victims of racist policing who deserve justice.
Vote for the people who work tirelessly in our hospitals -- the people who picked up extra shifts, who skipped birthdays & holidays to take care of our families & our friends.
Vote for John Lewis, for Joseph Lowery & for Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
I can’t promise you that voting will fix everything, but I can promise you that choosing not to vote will not fix anything.
If you have already voted, you still have work to do. 
You likely have friends, family & neighbors who haven’t voted yet. 
You probably have an hour or two to spare in the next seven days to pick up the phone & call people who haven’t voted yet.
Democracy is not a spectator sport or a passive system that runs w/o input. It only works when you & I consciously decide to keep it running.
Things won’t be suddenly better on November 4th. The new way forward won’t arrive overnight. That’s why we have something else -- something big planned that you’ll hear about in eight days.
Until then, we have a mission. And if we succeed, we can experience something that I know many of us feel we’re lacking.
-Andrew Yang
Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on October 25, 2020 at 7:42am

He Was a Rising Jazz Pianist. Then His N.Y.C. Dreams Were Shattered.Tadataka Unno lived the dream of a successful jazzman in Harlem.

The police said an attack on the pianist was not a hate crime, but social media disagreed. Now he’s considering a return to Japan. - John Leland, NYTimes

Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on October 23, 2020 at 8:19pm
Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on October 9, 2020 at 6:45pm

We Can't Afford A Weak Stimulus Plan:

The momentum is shifting.
The American people have come to understand the good that a universal basic income can do for all of us in this pandemic.
Humanity Forward supports a stimulus plan which would provide $1200 per month to every American adult for six months.
There are many plans circulating Washington that would be good for Americans, but a six month package would provide the short term relief we need while also demonstrating our case for a permanent UBI.
The window to achieve this plan is narrowing.
Piecemeal measures that are being discussed right now in D.C. are better than nothing, but they fail to secure most struggling families for longer than a month.
We can't afford a weak plan this time.
I'm forever grateful for your support.
Ever forward,
-Andrew Yang

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