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  • NEW - Looking back 50 years to explore 1968, a year marked by seismic shifts in American politics, social movements, global relations & cultural icons that changed the modern landscape. (see *updatez* listin' below)
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    *preemption possible - Georgia protest after last nite, current, fatal, police shootin' of black-male.*


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    *A Nation on Edge - A look at 1968, a yr. marked by the assassinations of Martin Luther King & Robert F. Kennedy, a contentious presidential election, escalating anti-Vietnam War sentiment & more.*
    Spring - 8pm PT
    *Tragedy Strikes - The mounting pressure of the presidential race following the death of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy.*
    (preemption possible w/ Breaking News)

    CNN TV: Schedule (frequently, 11th hr. changes -  O-!)
    LPB: The Soul of L.A. The only source dedicated to the news of Leimert Park (- Village, area adjacent)
    (ft. pg.) feat. NEWS BLOG POST *updatez*
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Comment by Jo- Koo of DojO- on June 13, 2020 at 6:58pm


Black Lives Matter protests across the US & world - Joshua Berlinger, Brett McKeehan, Peter Wilkinson, Emma Reynolds, Melissa Macaya & Amir Vera, CNN

2 hr 1 min ago

Here are two videos showing the struggle between Rayshard Brooks & police before he was fatally shot.

One video is surveillance video provided by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The other is eyewitness video shot from a cell phone.


Two videos show struggle before Rayshard Brooks was shot by Atlanta police officer - Paul Murphy, CNN

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CNN TV: Schedule / Wkend - July, Sat. 11th; NEWs + CNN Presents: Michael Smerconish / History of Comedy; Uncensored + Sketch & Improv *updatez*

. = 7pm PT + New Day Wkend/Sat - Christi PAUL & Victor BLACKWELL / (Michael) SMERCONISH / The Situation Rm - Wolf BLITZER -..CNN Newsroom Live (CNNI)Morning - 1am & 2am PT…See More
19 hours ago
Jo- Koo of DojO- commented on Jo- Koo of DojO-'s blog post Latest News: Andrew Yang
"Andrew Yang: What Congress can do to avoid a new Great Depression - Channel3000"
Jo- Koo of DojO- updated an event

RISE on KPFK 90.7 FM w/ /\/\ark /\/\axwell - Mondayz 12AM to 3AM + Guest Host Ollie Bivins - 2nd Mon. of-the-Month at KPFK

July 4, 2020 at 12am to July 27, 2020 at 3am
RISE on KPFK "a weekly creative (J)azz celebration of African roots, social consciousness & spiritual transcendence". Stylistically it generally revolves around a specific sub-genre that has come to be called "spiritual (J)azz"; however, I often touch base w/ many other facets of the (J)azz tradition.  It is mostly a music mix show w/ occasional live performances & interviews as…See More
Jo- Koo of DojO- commented on Jo- Koo of DojO-'s blog post THE 'Newly Renovated' WORLD STAGE - Summer 2020 *updatez* ~
"Societal Reckoning Over Racism Encompasses The Jazz Community - John Murph. Down Beat (incl. photo)"
Jo- Koo of DojO- posted a blog post
Jul 2
Jo- Koo of DojO- commented on Jo- Koo of DojO-'s blog post Latest News: Andrew Yang
"Celebrating a different way this Fourth of July     July 4th is the celebration of our nation’s independence - independence which was only provided to the white men of America. Racial inequality has plagued our country…"
Jul 1
Jo- Koo of DojO- posted a blog post

CNN TV: Schedule / Wkend - July, Sun., 5th; NEWs + Four-part Original Series Event: 1968 - A Nation on Edge, Tragedy Strikes, The Uprising & Protest, & The Presidency *updatez*

  4-Part Series: 6pm thru 9pm PT. + New Day Wkend. Su. - Christi PAUL & Victor BLACKWELL / Inside Politics - John KING / State of the Union w/ Jake TAPPER / GPS - Fareed ZAKARIA / Reliable Sources - Brian STELTER -.CNN Newsroom Live (CNNI)Morning - 1…See More
Jun 30
Jo- Koo of DojO- posted a blog post

MARK de CLIVE-LOWE "livestream" La Ceiba Festival: Live Remix Set Sawubona 4PM PT

  We See You. We Hear You  Sunday 28 June    I'm returning to La Ceiba Festival w/ a livestream in solidarity w/ Black Lives Matter & the uprising for racial justice in America, which has also spread further around the world. As Founding Artist-in-Residence for La Ceiba Festival, it's an honor to be creating for their Festival through this time & especially this installment - named for the Zulu greeting Sawubona: "We See You. We Hear You", putting together a live remix set of music…See More
Jun 28


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